Amaron Hi-Life 90D26 ( R / L )

Amaron Hi-Life 90D26 ( R / L )

The Amaron Hi-Life series are available in a number of case sizes and terminal variations to suit a wide range of Commercial and Passenger vehicles.


The Hi-Life series integrate Amaron's premium SILVEN X technology for ultra low-corrosion and maintenance free operation as well as BIC vents for enhanced safety . Oversized inter cell welds also help to provide superior cranking power. 


AMARON Hi-Life Battery Model Available:


42B20 (R / L)

Capacity(12v): 35ah

Dimension(mm): 197L x 129W x 227H


55B24 (L / LS / R / RS)  

Capacity(12v): 45ah                      

Dimension(mm): 238L x 129W x 227H  



Capacity(12v): 60ah

Dimension(mm): 232L x 173W x 225H


80D26 (R / L)    

Capacity(12v): 60ah

Dimension(mm): 260L x 173W x 225H


90D26L (R / L)          

Capacity(12v): 65ah

Dimension(mm): 260L x 173W x 225H    


105D31 (R / L)  

Capacity(12v): 80ah

Dimension(mm): 306L x 173W x 225H

  • Capacity(12v)


  • Dimension(mm)

    260L x 173W x 225H    

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